Tivimate Premium Subscription [Free Lifetime Account]

Tivimate is a popular streaming application developed by Armobsoft FZE that offers users access to a wide range of television channels, including local and international channels. The application has a free version that provides limited features, and a TiviMate Premium that offers more features and functionality. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Tivimate premium subscription, including its benefits and how to subscribe.

Tivimate Premium Subscription

What is Tivimate Premium Subscription?

Tivimate Premium Subscription or TiviMate Lifetime Subscription is a paid version of the Tivimate application that offers users access to additional features such as the ability to record TV shows, an extended electronic program guide (EPG), and more customization options. Users can purchase a Tivimate Premium subscription for a small fee on the Google Play Store or download Tivimate Premium Unlocked APK file from our website.

Tivimate Premium Subscription
Tivimate Premium Subscription

Benefits of Tivimate Premium Subscription

There are several benefits of subscribing to Tivimate Premium, including:

More Channels

Tivimate Premium provides users with access to a larger number of channels than the free version, including local and international channels, offering a wider range of content. With Tivimate Premium, users can watch their favorite shows from different countries and regions, and gain access to more specialized channels.

This feature ensures that users have a vast variety of options to choose from, providing an enhanced viewing experience. Whether you’re interested in news, sports, or entertainment, Tivimate Premium’s extended channel lineup has something for everyone. Now you can download MOD APK file and enjoy Tivimate Premium Subscription Free.

Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

Tivimate Premium’s extended Electronic Program Guide (EPG) provides users with a comprehensive guide to upcoming shows and programs on various channels. With this feature, users can easily plan their viewing schedule, set reminders for upcoming shows, and access detailed information about each program, such as its plot, cast, and airing time.

The EPG is regularly updated, ensuring users have the most up-to-date information about their favorite shows and programs. This feature provides a hassle-free way to stay on top of your favorite TV shows and never miss an episode. Go ahead and get your Tivimate Premium APK Cracked Firestick.


Tivimate Premium’s recording feature allows users to easily record their favorite shows and watch them at a later time, ensuring they never miss an episode. With the ability to schedule recordings, users can set up recordings for multiple shows in advance, making it easier to keep up with their favorite programs.

The recorded shows are saved in a user-defined folder, making it easy to access and watch them at any time. This feature is especially useful for those who have busy schedules and cannot watch their favorite shows when they air. Now you can add remove or update TiviMate Playlist easily.


Tivimate Premium offers users more customization options than the free version, allowing them to tailor their viewing experience to their preferences. With Tivimate Premium, users can customize the application’s interface, set reminders for upcoming shows, and configure various playback options, among other things. This level of customization provides users with a more personalized and enjoyable streaming experience.

How to Subscribe to Tivimate Premium

Subscribing to Tivimate Premium is a quick and easy process. Follow these steps to subscribe:

  1. Download and Install TiviMate Premium APK: If you don’t already have the Tivimate application installed on your device, download and install it from Tivimate Website.
  2. Open Tivimate: Once the application is installed, open it on your device.
  3. Select “Settings”: In the main menu of the application, select “Settings.”
  4. Select “Premium”: Under the “Settings” menu, select “Premium.”
  5. Choose Your Plan: On the “Premium” page, select the subscription plan that best suits your needs.
  6. Enter Your Payment Information: Follow the on-screen instructions to enter your payment information and complete the subscription process.

Final Thoughts

Tivimate Premium Subscription is a great way to enhance your streaming experience by providing access to more channels, an extended electronic program guide, recording features, and more customization options. Subscribing to Tivimate Premium is a quick and easy process that can be done directly from the application on your device. Whether you’re a casual viewer or a dedicated cord-cutter, Tivimate Premium is a great way to take your streaming experience to the next level.