If you’re having trouble with TiviMate Companion Application, you’ve came to the right place. Please use this form to tell us about the issue you’re experiencing.

TiviMate IPTV Player is a popular streaming solution that allows users to access a wide range of TV shows, TV channels and other video content online without any trouble. However, like any other software, it may encounter errors from time to time including Stream Not Available, Invalid URL, Loading Error, Buffering Issues, Playlist Import Error, Tivimate Parser Exception, No Sound, and No Picture. These errors can be caused by a variety of factors, including poor internet connection, outdated software, incorrect login credentials, and more. To resolve these errors, users can try clearing the cache, updating their TiviMate IPTV Player App on your device.

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  1. I would like to make my subscription a life time subscription. Also I replaced one of my devices with a newer faster device but I don’t know which one to remove on my list of devices. Hope you can help me with these issues.

  2. Hello,

    I would like to use multiple accounts of TiviMate Companion as I plan to have multiple android boxes running TiviMate. However, when I just tried to set up a second account, it would not allow me as the app already recognizes I have another account. Is there a way around this? I would also like to know if you have a wholesale program? I would like to potentially use hundreds of premium accounts


  3. I just upgraded my android box. I have my subscription through Fameiptv and when I got things loaded I found tivimate already loaded which is fine because I was going to load it anyway. When I went to set up some favorites it went to the unlock premium screen, as I go through the screens when I got to the last screen to purchase it comes up with error. I would like to make this purchase, how can I do this?

  4. Hello, I purchased the premium back on 7/17 and am trying to figure out where to find my login creds, an email anything.. i have the app loaded on my other tv’s and my service added but cant unlock the premium features.

      1. I’m in Pakistan and subscribe tvimate but no one channel and vod working show error code 403 plz tell me how to fixed thanks

  5. Registered a gmail for trial and then hopefully a 1yr premium subscription, but getting No Valid Order message prompt in the app when trying to Unlock Premium. Already deleted and reinstalled app. No go

  6. Downloaded app just fine on my Firestick. I’m now trying to create a TiviMate Companion account but it keeps saying, “Could not sign up, please try again later.” Please advise.

  7. I’m trying to sign up and pay. However when companion authenticate my credit card I receive a box with the wrong email. That email is in my phone but not the one I’m using. I signed up with a different email and trying to respond to the wrong email doesn’t work either. I then tried to reset my password the recovery code was sent to yet another email that I wasn’t using.. . I deleted and reinstalled the app and cleared cache and data.

  8. I’m still trying to open my subscription but always end up with the same rectangular box with the wrong email on top asking for a password. First its the wrong email and I’ve tried every password that I can think of. My credit card has been added with no problem.

  9. I’ve paid for the premium subscription, which expired after 1 month. Have been trying for days to contact someone to fix this problem, the fb page isn’t monitored, email doesn’t work….customer service is apparently not top priority.

  10. not working after version update. I have EPG but doesn’t stream channels. It worked fine
    before the update

  11. I have a tivimate subscription that ends may 26, 2023 that is in my list of subscriptions on the Google Play store. I try adding account dcooney2003@gmail.com to tivimate on a firestick and it says there is no subscription. When I go into tivimate companion and try to purchase a subscription it says purchased already to another account. I either want to use the currrent subscription (no devices activated) that ends may 26, 2023 or buy a new subscription. Please help.

  12. They will tell you that you need to purchase a plan for each tv that you have on at one time. I just loaded 9 firesticks but only bought 3 plans because that all i would ever have on at one time. I picked tivimate as my player and toy can assign 5 devices to 1 player so i had to purchase 2 players to accom
    modate the total of 9

  13. My premium account TV guide stopped working and I have a lifetime membership. Please help me.

    Thank you

  14. Epg will not update. Ive tried everything on the web and on this site and still nothing. Also it will not work with express vpn. I have reinstalled it many times and still nothing. The system its on is a firestick 4k. It has worked for years now all of a sudden it wont update the epg and wont work at all with express vpn. If nothing works then Im going to have to find some other app that will.does anyone have a solution?

  15. I’ve had tivimate for a couple of years now, works fine on my TV. But has stopped working on my android phone, I can’t even find the app anymore on play store? As I deleted it and tried to download again to see if that worked? Can someone help? As I usually us the app on my phone but for over 6months it hasn’t been working

  16. Hi,
    I want to reset my password and after putting my email to receive instructions to reset the password I haven’t received an email with instructions. I have already checked my spam folder

    My email is rataozeco@gmail.com

  17. I would like to make my subscription a lifetime subscription
    and the program is stop
    can you help me

  18. I am unable to login to premium on a second device,

    I have restarted the device
    Reinstalled the software
    Changed my password

    Still nothing

  19. Im having trouble logging into the tivimate app to unlock premium, every time I try it says “no valid order” im then went into the tivimate companion app to insure that I purchased the one time payment plan and it says “already purchased for another account” please help with this issue

  20. Aanhoudend epg probleem,na herhaaldelijk alle oplossingen meermaals uit te voeren,graag een snelle oplossing,mvg. Cirilli

  21. return to my device and it is prompting me to buy another subscription. Google play it says the subscription is active and doesn´t need to be renewed until june 2024

  22. I am having difficlty with recording. I have gone to the guide and selected a single recording and also custom recording for daily recording. sometimes it will record the program but most times it will not?
    With that said I have left Tivimate running with no channel selected, and also backed out of Tivimate but left the Android box on. In both scenarios sometimes it recorded but most times it didn’t.

    Can someone tell me what is the best state to have a program record?

  23. come si cancellano i dispositivi che non uso piu e aggiungere i nuovi sto impazzendo,
    grazie per una tua risposta veloce

  24. Hi, I’m trying to create an accoun t to take out a lifetime membership but it has been telling me to try again later for a few days. Any idea what I am doing wrong please? thankyou

  25. Bonjour,ont vient de me prélever 7,99€ pour une année supplémentaires mais je voulait renouvelé un compte a vie comment faire

  26. Hi,
    I just paid for a annual subscription through google play, under my email address however when i log into my tivimate account on the TV, its asking me to pay again for the subscription?
    Kindly help or guide me? Thanks

  27. Good day..
    I have 6 devices I would like to have this one, but there is a maximum of 5 so not sure how I get around this. There doesn’t seem to be an option to purchase additional devices. Can you assist me?

  28. I purchased your service yesterday and for some reason my password is not working and I tried to reset it 3 times already and I haven’t gotten the email link to reset it yet. please send me a email link. Thanks

  29. Hi

    I’m having problems with my subscription.

    I had pay for your services throught Tivimate Companion months ago (11 march) with a year of duration. Now when I try to put my account at Tivimate in my Cube stick it appears as “subscription expired”.

    I paid on March 2023 for a year.

    My email is this one: janucabaredo@gmail.com, which I’m using to write you.

    Thanks so much for your help.

  30. I have purchased premium, but i can’t to log in into my account. Username and pass don’t match. Already reseted password few times and still don’t match

  31. I signed up for a year premium on September 4… I wish to upgrade to a lifetime subscription… How do I do that?

  32. Hello,

    After a short while I always get the error message “ParserException”. I have already followed the suggested solutions on your website, but without success. Can you help me?

  33. Hello, im trying to renew my subscription via the Tivimate Companion app on an android phone but youre webpage won’t accept my paypal passwd. Can i renew through a browser?

  34. Every time i click on a movie to play the screen changes and takes me to another screen that wants me to upgrade to premium. I paid for a lifetime and i thought i was getting premium. My tivimate does not work correctly. I paid for a IPTV service that want give me a refund because your service want play their product and i paid for lifetime tivimate and can’t get any help to fix my service.

  35. I have a life time membership I thought I was paying for premium but i don’t have it. I paid something like $30.00 dollars. I have a very large problem with tivimate. Every time I click on a movie to play the screen changes and take me to another screen that wants me to upgrade to premium. I can’t get any movie to play. I paid for an IPTV service that refuses to give me a refund because your service want play their product. I would like for you to help me resolve this problem with your service.

  36. I’ve purchased Tivimate premium, and I have it on a Firestick which worked fine. I’m trying to upgrade to premium on my Android device, when I go through the log in it says sorry were having difficulty on our end please try again later. Last two days like this, getting frustrated trying to upgrade my devices. Please help.

  37. Hi

    I have installed tivimate onto my Ugoos AM 8. But there is nowhere on the menu which shows ” Catch up:. My iptv provider has catch up on all channels.

    Please advise

  38. I have paid lifetime fee.. set up my account however will not let me login… it says no valid order ??? Please advise on what I should do

  39. I have paid for a lifetime subscription
    I have created an account and password .. have screen shots of my account however when I try to log in it started no valid order… please advise what I should do

  40. Hey,

    I have Premium account and I am trying to add/update the playlist but without success. I am getting an error msg “wrong data”. I have tried my credentials on other IPTV application and it worked so I am not sure why Tivimate is rejecting it.

    Any help is appreciated!


  41. Hello,

    I have created an account however the buttons for ‘subscription per year’ and ‘One time payment’ on the app don’t work. Please help me purchase a subscription


  42. I purchased TiviMate premium BUT could not purchase the one year subscription as I could not threw Google Play so I thought Id just try the life time subscription and got in right away But that was not what I wanted so I contacted TiviMate and they cancelled and refund me the purchase but I want to purchase the one year deal but keep gettting refused after many tries this is Frustrating , Yes all my info is up to date but no luck on this , any suggestions

  43. I am trying to get into my account to update my subscrption but after entering my email address and password it won’t enter my account and I get a message appearing that says “Update App.”

  44. I have paid the monthly fee for the premium but going into TiviMate on my firestick it says ‘ no valid order’
    Please advise what I need to do.

  45. It should not take hours to create an account it’s just about impossible to fine a right place …. I have a iPhone that’s it with a Firestick no computer so what do I do … no app in the App Store none on line

  46. When trying to use the companion APK on nvidia shield, I get an “update the app” error when trying to sign up for an account. But I downloaded the most recent version on this website.

  47. Can’t seem to find a solution. I have a Nas that I record to from multiple devices to one folder on the Nas. The problem is that other TiviMate devices can not see the recording only the device that recorded the data. (And yes the path is the same on all devices and the recordings are all in one location)

  48. I am so lost. I’m not up-to-date on computer literacy. I installed Tivimate on my older TV with Firestick. Have 2 huge issues. Can’t make playlists because I don’t know what info I need to enter (IPTV url?). I use Verizon.
    Also I don’t have anything android to download Google Play store app. Everything I find is very technical and nothing’s work so far. I need easy, step-by-step directions. Help!

  49. I downloaded Tivimate. Trying to get Premium AND download playlist. I have an old TV using Firestick. Seems very technical and can’t get thru either problem, even to watch free Tivimate-unable to do so because can’t download playlist.

  50. waiting for premium credentials, after completing registration a few hours ago.
    thanks in advance for your prompt attention to this request!

  51. How do I delete an inactive subscription linked to my email. Trying to purchase premium and receive the message Already purchased for another account

  52. Hello

    I can’t log in to my premium account on firecube. Please help. Screen says I have no valid order. But I have a lifetime account.

  53. I paid for tivimate premium. When I got iptv services through this player, app is running very slow or not downloading the play list. Please assist in resolving this issue.

  54. Purchased Tivimate lifetime account, have the receipt of the purchase but when i log in, it tells me that i have to purchase it again. Used a different email address then the one in this post

  55. I bought the premium version for life. Please explain whether I should use the same e-mail and password to log in to tivimate companion as for tivimate premium? I want to log in to companion and neither login nor password reset works… I don’t receive an e-mail with a password change. Can you help? Kris

  56. I paid for premium lifetime subscription a few months ago, added 1 tv to the account. A few months go by and I try to add another tv but now my password will not work and it’s impossible to get anyone on the telephone.

  57. My Tivimate is not working through my firestick I bought a Tivimate Premium Account and don’t remember my Login information hope you can help me , my name is Larry Thomas my email is lthomas7925@yahoo.com

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